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Posted 4/5 2011

Added one, removed one

There's now a page for my Big Fat Snake app. About time I got that up! It's nothing big and fancy, just me talking about it a little. It's also in the sidebar now, as my only recent project. I need to make something awesome to put there... ;)

I've also removed the Gizmodo site unclutter, since they've released a new (awful) design of their site, so unless they (hopefully) revert back to the old design, there isn't really not much use for the extension. And the new site design needs more than a little extension to be usable.

Posted 8/9 2010

New Safari extensions

I've just made three simple extensions for Safari, that I though I'd share. It's unclutter extensions, meaning that they'll simplify some websites, by removing unnecessary information. I currently got extensions for Engadget, TUAW and Gizmodo, and I might make some more in the future.

You can download them from the development page, or find quick links to them in the sidebar.

Posted 31/5 2010

Blog is up

I'm finally done with school (except for exams), so I've got some time to set up my blog. You can find it in the menu in the top, or on gereen.dk/blog.

I'll use it to post whenever I find something interresting, that's too long to tweet ;) That could be old programming projects, websites I've made in the past, or just thing I think is awesome. No purpose in perticular, just my outlet.

You can follow my post with RSS, if you want to, or you can just check back now and then, to see if there's an update.

Posted 10/3 2010

New site online

The new redesigned site is finally up and running. Everything has been rewritten, and I've even changed the webhost to one.com, which offered 3 times the space for half the price :)

On the new site, you can find information about which projects I'm working on, mainly in regard to Mac OS X and iPhone/iPad development. You can see my newest projects in the sidebar. Currently I have one app in the (danish) app store: Fejlblog.dk app, and I'm working on the ECO Ride app. To find out more, click them in the sidebar, or head over to the development section of the website.

Other than that, I also have a place for my other projects, that are not just computer-related. This includes photography, electronics and music.

All audio and video clips is using HTML5 video, meaning that they'll only work in a HTML5 video capable browser, such as Safari, Chrome and FireFox. If HTML5 isn't supported, I'm using a Flash player as a fallback.

To get updates about the site and what I'm doing, you can Follow me on Twitter. Also, feel free to E-mail me with site suggestions or whatever's on your mind.

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