Big Fat Snake app

This app is my first real freelance project. I was asked by the band Big Fat Snake if I would make an iPhone app for them (The lead singer is my old neighbour), so of course, I said yes. A few months later, it was finished and sent to approval. And now, here it is.

Since this app was for entertainment, and not pure utility, I choose to make the user interface a little exciting, by using custom graphics and some core animation magic, while still using the standard iOS controls.

The app is divided into four sections, all accessible from the home screen: music, photos, news and concerts. Under music, you can view all the bands albums, and get a 30 second preview, and if you like the music, you can buy it directly from iTunes. The photos section loads photos from Facebook, and the news section shows their Facebook updates. Lastly, the concerts section shows their current your plan on a map, and you can view details about each concert, including wether or not there are tickets available.

I made the whole app in Objective-C with XCode, and the graphics with Pixelmator. That really the only two applications I use when making apps.

The things in the app I'm actually most proud of is what's going on behind the scenes. Throughout the app, music is playing in the background. That music is streamed directly from iTunes, and is loaded into the cache system. This system caches almost everything downloaded in the app, so that when you go back so something you've already viewed, It'll still be ready. Using this, I can also preload things. I for instance use this when playing music. When a music track ends, it will continue to the next track, and to make that transition gapless, I load the next song into memory when starting playing the first. This makes the songs play perfectly, even when the network is slow. Images and concerts are also stored in memory the same way, and some of it is cleared when the iPhone runs low on memory. The music can also both play from memory and stream while the app is in the background, and you can use the iPhone's music controls to change track or play/pause the music.

The app is available on the app store for free. Link.

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