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Magazine concept for iPad

I've just made this magazine app concept for iPad, and tough that I would share it. I've used MacWorld as source for this demonstration, but it could be virtually every magazine. There's only one article in the demo, which is the iPad review, which includes single photos, photo galleries and movies directly in the articles. It spans over multiple pages, but you are able to scroll down on each of them. Anyway, here's the video:

Almost everything in the magazine can be set up using Interface Builder, which I think is important because people generally don't want to mess too much with code, when they're making page layout. The only thing you still have to do in code is to specify the location of the videos, but I think this can be fixed with a Interface Builder plugin. Which I'll probably never will make. So much code, so little time...

I'm not planning on using this for anything in particular at the moment, but if you happen to know anyone who could be interested in an inexpensive way to get their magazine iPad-ready, feel free to Contact me :)

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BTW: I'll update this blog page soon to have real pages, instead of just some JavaScript hax0r method.

Magazine concept for iPad (via @gereen)

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