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I got my mac in september 2009, and has been a Cocoa developer since then, Cocoa being the framework for developing applications for the Mac, iPhone and iPad platforms. So far I have one app in the App Store, which is a Danish app for the site, which I started with some of my friends. Then I'm also working with a team on an app called ECO Ride, which is a car poll system for the iPhone, so that you can easily find other people to drive with, whenever you're going somewhere. It has won the first place in the Danish iPhone app development contest at CCDC. Of course I got lots of ideas and prototypes for apps, including a lot for the iPad, and are working hard to realize them all, but school is limiting my time.

You can choose the applications I'm working on just above here to learn more about each of them. I'm working on new ideas all the time, but if you got a great idea for an iPhone app, don't hesitate to send me a suggestion.

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