Other projects

Developing applications isn't the only thing I'm doing. On this page, you can see some of the other things I'm using my time on.


I love traveling around the world, and I love taking pictures from my vacations. When I'm sorting my photos, I usually take the best ones and make them into a wallpaper, and I think I got a couple of really good ones. Here's a few of them:

Preview and download the rest on the wallpapers page.


Another hobby of mine is playing the piano. I'm still learning to play, but I think that I'm doing pretty good :)

I'm mostly playing music from movies or games, I especially like to play music from Final Fantasy games. Using a jack-to-jack cable I can record my playing in GarageBand. Here's a recording of me playing To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X:

And here's the main theme from Final Fantasy VII:

I'm going to put more songs here as I get them recorded.


Another thing I'm really interested in is building electronic devices. I'm still very new to this, but I have made some fun basic things, including a stopwatch, a LED dice, and my favorite: a musical instrument. You can see a video of me playing the Danish christmas hymn "Dejlig er den himmel blÄ" using it here:

To play it, you're using 3 buttons on the controller. Each combination of buttons gives a tone in the C scale (C D E F G A H C). There's no combination that gives a pause, so there's room for improvement. We chose the song because it's the only we could think of that you can play in a single octave :)

If you're interested in how it works, feel free to Send me a mail.

Old projects

Here's some of my old projects I've been working on. First is a project I made for the programming class, which is a small game in Java:

HTX E-learning is a site I made for an IT project in school. It's a website for students at HTX, where there's learning videos, forum about the individual classes and a chatroom to get homework help or just hang out with other HTX students. The site can be visited at htxelearning.freehostia.com.

Then there's also a video of a C++ RPG game I was once working on (while I was still using Linux), which unfortunately never got finished, but here's the video:

And also, here's a music video I've made with clips from Final Fantasy IX and music from DragonForce:

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